Who are Facebook’s reincarnated soldiers?

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Facebook's reincarnated soldiers

A few years ago I wrote a tongue-in-cheek article about having been a World War One wire cutter on the Western Front.

To be fair, I do have an insatiable fascination for trench warfare and consume books, articles and movies on the topic. I imagine how a soldier, stuck in the equivalent of hell on Earth, experienced the horrors.

I also have an obsessive interest in the German invasion of the Soviet Union during the Second World War. The horrific battles on the Eastern Front make fascinating reading.

Yet, I know that I have never been, nor, with the exception of a time travel portal will ever be, a soldier in either World War.

But it turns out other people do.

Recently, I was contacted on Facebook by a woman who had read my post, and who invited me to join a group of reincarnated soldiers.

Turns out these people, mostly women, believe they fought in the bloodiest conflicts of the 20th Century. And to prove it, they discuss the pain of old war wounds on their reincarnated bodies.

Who are Facebook’s reincarnated soldiers?

One woman believes her birthmark was caused by a fatal bullet on the Somme and that it has grown darker since the Centenary.

Another believes she suffers from shell shock.

A third person recalls they died in a dressing station and buried in an unknown grave.

If you can’t remember the details of your war service, then the Facebook group provide helpful hints. You can fork out over $200 and do a past life regression or you can eat a lot of garlic. The garlic opens the heart chakra which connects to the higher self while simultaneously knocking out skeptics with a single breath.

Sure, there have always been people, including children, who claim to be reincarnated kings, queens and other notables throughout history. Yet, reincarnated soldiers with war wounds are another level entirely.

They remind me of those soldier skeletons, complete with swords and shields that attack Jason and the Argonauts. Every time Jason thinks he has defeated them their bones reform and continue to fight.

These reincarnated soldiers are sadder than those skeletons. Instead of fighting the Argonauts, this group have only vague memories and aching joints to contend with.

I know that I was never a wire cutter on the Western Front. But even if I was, I certainly don’t want to be reminded of it in a reincarnated body with bullet wounds.

Facebook’s reincarnated soldier group doesn’t sound much fun.

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Author: Sue Bell
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