Five reasons to fall in love with a folding unicorn

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folded unicorn

Recently and finally I gave in and bought myself a folding unicorn.

I needed propping aids. It is difficult to sleep in a semi-upright position after a gluten-poisoning episode (see The Gluten Challenge Fiasco). Sleeping semi-upright eased the nausea, but was hideously uncomfortable and I kept falling over.

Enter unicorn stage right.

Costume: pale pink; mauve accessories; soft faux velvet; under-tummy belt.

Demeanour: Beguiling, innocent.

Lines: none. It is a silent beast.

The unicorn opens and closes like a book. To do this, it needs assistance with its belt.

When the unicorn is open, it’s flat and wide. When it’s closed, it’s fat and pliable. Either way the horn and tail stick out inconveniently, but it wouldn’t be a unicorn without its horn and tail.

The unicorn is an excellent body propper. I can prop myself semi-upright (bolster and two cushions behind, unicorn to one side to prevent toppling). I can prop myself sideways (pillow underneath, unicorn to right, arms about unicorn). I can prop myself a lot (closed unicorn) or a little (open unicorn).

The unicorn is also a useful and appealing:

• backache diffuser (closed)

Like a body cushion, but cuter.

• handwarmer (closed)

Like an old-fashioned hand-muff, you can stuff your hands into the middle of the unicorn when cold.

• bookrest (open or closed)

• guinea pig substitute on dark, stormy or lonely nights (open or closed)

My guinea pigs are excellent comforters but sadly not in bed – there is the issue of random pellet emission. Also, I might squash them in the night. But my unicorn emits no pellets and is designed to be squashed.

All day long my unicorn sits on the bed reminding me of innocent, playful things.

Author: Merridy Pugh
Merridy Pugh is an editor and writer based in Hobart. She loves books, sun and tropical fish.

1 thought on “Five reasons to fall in love with a folding unicorn

  1. What a gorgeous creature your unicorn is, Merridy.

    Where can I get one?

    Lovely article — it made me feel better just reading it.



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