Insight Timer for Meditation Practice

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I find Insight Timer to be a wonderful app. I’ve been dying to try it for months but my old phone didn’t have the capacity to run it. With an upgrade I’ve finally been able to download it and it’s already making a difference to my meditation practice.

It has bells. Beautiful Tibetan bells. You can set these to ring at intervals – beginning, during and at the end of your meditation session. They are exquisite sounds. What a relief! They are such a soothing contrast to the alarm I previously used.

It logs my sessions. This is an attractive aspect of the app because it gives me stars (hurrah!) and graphs. The graphs show my progress, including the hours I accumulate and the number of consecutive days I meditate. This gives me a visual benchmark I didn’t have before. The stars are awarded when you reach a milestone (such as 50 consecutive days).

There’s also a journal which I’ve not yet used because I’ve been too excited by all the other features. You can write notes about your session.
The other feature I really like is the world map. It shows all the other people (using Insight Timer) who are meditating round the globe – at that moment. This is fantastic. I have company!

The feed is great too – you can view who’s meditating and who’s just finished around the world or in your local area. I was surprised to find several other meditators active in my hometown of Hobart. Wow! Insight Timer has a community happening even in the amazingly remote southern isle of Tasmania!

On your personal profile you can place a picture, a note about the kind of meditation you do, and an inspirational thought. You can link up with fellow meditators via messaging.

Insight Timer cost me $2.99. A tiny price for some big benefits. It’s giving me:
• enhanced relaxation during meditation
• motivating progress markers
• a sense of community

Probably the last is the most important because one’s meditation practice tends to be a solitary affair and this can be a big obstacle to discipline. Now, even though no one else in my household meditates, I feel supported by other meditators and inspired by their example.

As I write, 202 people are meditating worldwide, including in Texas, Rotterdam, Perth, Brazil, New York, Ottawa, France and Liverpool. The meditator in Ottawa has written on her profile: We are not alone.

Go to to download the app to iPhone, Android or iPad.

Author: Merridy Pugh
Merridy Pugh is an editor and writer based in Hobart. She loves books, sun and tropical fish.