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Johnny Depp’s reincarnated romance

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amber heard and sherilyn fenn - Johnny Depp's girls
Uncanny Resemblance Between Heard and Fenn 

I was sad to read of the split between Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis after a 14 year stint and 2 children together. Shortly after the split Johnny was seen with Amber Heard, his co-star in The Rum Diaries. Curiously, Amber looks identical to Sherilyn Fenn, Depp’s ex-fiancée from the 1980s.

Sherilyn Fenn is most famous for her role in Twin Peaks, as the subject of murder investigation. She also starred in Two Moon Junction, a soft porn movie that no doubt attracted Johnny Depp’s attention in the first place.

Is Johnny Depp caught in a Fenn/Heard reincarnated romance loop?

While I don’t know the details of the Depp and Paradis break-up, Johnny was promptly linked to the 26 year old Heard. Apparently she has been visiting him on the set of his latest movie The Lone Ranger, and he bought her a horse (which is kind of apt).

Whatever the case, is Johnny revisiting his romantic past by dating the luscious Heard? In a previous post I wrote about rekindled midlife relationships with past partners.  However, If this option is not available then the alternative might be to find a replicate.

Celebrity Relationship reincarnation

Charles Darwin said that nature abhors a vacuum. He was referring to species extinction and why the niche vacated by one was always replaced by another. This observation can also apply to celebrity relationships. Whenever Rod Stewart breaks up with a blond, tall, busty woman she is replaced with a blond, tall, busty woman; Paul McCartney has a thing for rich American women, Jennifer Lopez dates bald back-up dancers, Madonna is into the young, foreign guys whilst Jessica Simpson is a sucker for the athletic physique.

Accordingly, if the relationship between Depp and Heard fails he could find the ex-girlfriend alternatives to Winona Ryder, Jennifer Grey and Kate Moss. That is of course, if they aren’t already dating a Johnny Depp clone.

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