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10 things we should know about life

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cartoon man with megaphone

A popular question circulating on Quora is, ’10 things we should know about life.’

Quora is an online discussion forum and one of the more useful social media platforms because it generates wide community input.

Basically, anyone can start a question thread and the responses are a mix of the absurd, curious, comical, insightful, sad and (occasionally) inspiring.

In answer to  ’10 things we should know about life’, most people value honesty, positive relationships, goal achievement and generosity.

Someone also suggests we learn rhetoric, the art of eloquent speech and writing, first practised by the ancient Greeks thousands of years ago. Rhetoric, for those who like a challenge, is a skill that bestows many benefits. The great orators and writers throughout history have inspired and influenced the masses by mastering the power of words.

You might disagree that rhetoric is a worthwhile life skill, but those who command the written or spoken word have the most hits on Quora. And the best advice.

10 things we should know about life

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