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I adore mood lighting. Fairylights, rope lights, solar lights. Sparklers and lanterns, lava lamps, candles… anything colourful and bright and brilliant, glowing or flickering or flashing. I’m a fan of what you might call light ‘bling’. I made my own candles for years, being so enchanted by their potential for transformation.

It’s so easy to change the whole appearance of a roomscape, patio or garden with well-placed, beautiful or quirky lighting. Romance, tranquility, warmth or excitement can be conjured from the most mundane environment.

Every nook in my living space is enhanced with special lighting, most of it simple and inexpensive.

Scattered tealights in the bathroom add the promise of relaxation by candlelight. They look pretty by day and transform the bathroom into a beautiful haven by dark. I love to watch the flames and their reflections for a meditative bathing experience!

Tealights at tea time on a gloomy morning create an aura of welcome and cosiness.

Lighting a centrepiece of candles on the dining table each evening meal is one of my favourite rituals.

At dusk my solar lamps begin to glow, and the garden changes from a green haven into a fairy grotto dotted with glowing mosaics and colour-changing rainbow flares.

Here are some quick ideas for mood lighting:

1. Toss a coloured scarf over a lampshade (but make sure the bulb can’t scorch the fabric).

2. Float tealights in a glass bowl among floating flowers.

3. Float tealights in your birdbath!

4. Drape fairylights across a chest of drawers.

5. Fill wineglasses with water and float a tealight in each.

6. Place your tealights in cupcake papers (foil ones are best).

7. Cover your table in aluminium foil for a candlelit dinner with amazing reflections.

If you’re playing with candlelight, remember… never leave a burning candle unattended!

Do you have any special mood lighting tricks? I’d love to know.


Author: Merridy Pugh
Merridy Pugh is an editor and writer based in Hobart. She loves books, sun and tropical fish.

2 thoughts on “Lights and Lamps

  1. Wow Merridy. I will be at your place for dinner tonight. Thanks for the lighting suggestions — I especially like the idea of floating tea lights in wine glasses.

  2. The reflection of tea lights in a bird bath on a still night set a very peaceful scene.
    A lovely article.

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