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Things I’m loving at the moment

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youdontneedSometimes little “things” casually float into our lives. At first with not much fanfare. Magically we connect, moment by moment. After a while we fall in love. Madly. Wonder how we ever lived without them. Wonder why we hadn’t bought, tried or experienced them before.

Other “new things” loudly announce themselves. They become all consuming. Make an impact. Forever changing our lives and who we are.

Often these “new things” circle us a few times before we notice them.

The three times rule

The “three times” rule.  When you hear or see something three times it’s meant to be. You stop, pay attention, take action.

Some “new things” we love stay forever, others are healing and helpful only for a short time in our lives. Their impact is nevertheless profound and much needed at the time.

Things we love need to be shared. So the following are things I’m loving at the moment.

Some you may already love. Others you might have wondered about but never tried. Or some may be totally foreign and new to you. Either way, let me know what you think. Feel free to share your own.


Things I’m loving at the moment

1. Magnesium oil spray: An absolute winner in my book. I’m not a lover of tablets but a few squirts onto the soles of each foot or behind the knee are a super easy and efficient way to ingest magnesium.

Magnesium is great for stress. The heart muscle really, really loves magnesium. Restless legs love magnesium. Aches and pains love magnesium. There is an endless list of great things magnesium does for your body.

Added bonus:  Magnesium is great when traveling as it helps keeps you “regular” if you know what I mean.  I bought mine from my local health food store. The brand is amazing oils.

You can check out Dr. Sircus’ video on Magnesium deficiency here — he’s also written books on magnesium and heart disease.

2. Eko travel yoga mat: Yep, folds into book size. Super sticky. Love my purple colour. Very light. I now have a portable sacred space that travels with me no matter where I am in the world.

Manduka make these Eko superLite eco friendly travel mats.  Click here to check them out.  As I live in Australia I bought mine locally from YogaZura. Great service and super quick delivery.

3.  Hula hooping:  Such fun. And you can’t help but smile. Fabulous way to exercise.  Learn tricks (I’ve now mastered a few simple ones).

After having hula hoop classes in Ubud, Bali, last year — and loving it —  I bought myself a travel hula hoop.  Yep, you heard me.  It’s collapsible (5 pieces).  How cool is that!  You can make it smaller or larger.

I bought mine from three worlds.  Glow-in-the-dark and fire hula hoops are also available.  Awesome!

4. Vetiver essential oil:  I’ve been in love with vevtiver forever.  It’s a thick, strong essential oil. Not everyone loves it.  I do! It’s calming and grounding. Perfect for settling restless energies. A few drops onto the souls of your feet before bed is calming for your nervous system and an over active mind.  It’s also a must have oil at all my  retreats.

Protect yourself: Apply one drop of the essential oil “Vetiver” onto your solar plexus each morning. Vetiver helps from taking on too much of other people’s junk.

5.  Didgeridoo sound medicine:  Prepare to be changed forever.  There is something divinely magical when a didgeridoo (in the flesh) is played over your body.  Your whole being tingles.  Your cells awaken and dance for joy. You become acutely aware of a pure aliveness pulsing through you. It’s explosive and its magical. Didgeridoo sound medicine is now a therapeutic part of my Rejuvenation Retreats in Ubud, Bali.

If you don’t have a didgeridoo player handy, then drop into any sound medicine class. Crystal Bowls – Japanese Bowls – Shakuhachi. Sacred sound, either with instrument or voice (mantras),  moves an effortless flow of energy through you for profound nourishment and healing.

This article appears on Midlifexpress with Carole’s kind permission. Her blog can be found at thehealthylivinglounge.com


Author: Carole Fogarty
Carole Fogarty runs retreats and you can read her blog at: http://thehealthyliviinglounge.com

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