meditating with laptop apps

Mindfulness Meditation Assist

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meditating with laptop apps
Mindfulness meditation is usually a solitary activity which is challenging to maintain. Who else will notice if you don’t sit down for that half-hour early in the day and practice?

With any discipline, community helps. It’s a great comfort to connect with like-minded souls, and when motivation flags the stories of others can be the breath of fresh air we need.

Helpful community-based strategies can be face-to-face or virtual. Try these…

Group meditation

Yoga centres and meditation classes are places to look for meditation groups. Even if the style differs from your home practice you’ll enjoy the solidarity that comes with group meditation. Regular classes – once a week is great –  offer the chance to broaden mindfulness skills and meet new friends. The energy generated by a group meditating in silence has a different quality to that generated alone and can be positively inspiring!

Meditation apps

There are many meditation apps out there but it’s hard to go past Insight Timer. For iPhone, iPad and Android, sign up for this and you’ll have a virtual community on tap. Insight Connect has a nifty world map which shows how many of its 30,000 members are meditating right now. You are not alone!


This informative website with its delightful blog allows you to download free mindfulness worksheets, participate in forum discussions and receive a newsletter packed with mindfulness tips and reminders. Sign up as a member to benefit from these services. My favourite recent article from this site is You Already Know This Stuff – I needed this reminder:

‘You are not an anxious person trying to learn how to be calm. You are a calm person who has spent too much time practicing being anxious.’

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  1. Merridy, thanks for this excellent info. I especially like the Insight Timer app and I’ll check out mindfulhub right away.

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