When Neptune met Pisces (2012-2025): Are you ready?

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A Few Years From Now…

 Imagine sitting with your grandchildren many years from now in your beautiful garden on a warm summer night. The air is soft and the mood uplifting. A troubadour plays a harp by the shimmering pool and the music stirs your spirit. Your guest poet has left  and the sonnet she composed for tonight’s dinner was exquisite; poets are revered and in high demand these days.

Your grandchildren have asked you – for the hundredth time – to tell them what it was like when you were young – before everything changed.  They wish to hear of the strange time when people calling themselves economists and bankers and media moguls ruled the world. They are dumbstruck when you describe poetry’s near banishment from public discourse and how dreams and mystery and imagination abided in the shadows.

In their world, art and magic and mystery flourish. It’s the only world they have known and it’s been like that since Neptune entered Pisces in 2012 and stayed there for thirteen years.

Tonight, though, they want to know what it was like before poetry returned and magic only happened on the stage.

Astronomers Would Scoff

To an astronomer this future scene is absurd.  They’will tell you Neptune is a distant planet,  4.5 billion kilometres from Earth, with no capacity to influence human life.  If you’re still interested they may also add that it’s a gas giant, four times bigger than Earth with the fastest winds in the solar system and a weird moon that orbits backwards.  This is all true, of course.  But what if there’s more to the story?

Astrologers Less Likely To Scoff

To an astrologer, Neptune is a physical and a symbolic entity with designs on our spiritual development.  Evolutionary astrologer Steven Forrest informs us that Neptune’s energy will impel us individually and collectively to transcend the material realm and find meaning in our better natures.  The coming decade, he says, will bring a great spiritual renaissance.

Astrologers also tell us Neptune deals with dreams as well as signifying the dissolution of borders and structures.  It’s an elusive, mysterious planet governing all things glamorous, mystical and intuitive. Its shadow side is somewhat darker and involves mass delusion, addiction and escapism.

Neptune’s Poet

Could They Both Have A Point?

These two views seem irreconcilable.  Is it at all possible, though, that both science and astrology are right?

The great Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung regarded astrology – along with alchemy –  as humanity’s first simple psychology.  He saw it as an intuitive tool like the tarot or the I ching whereby we project our unconscious desires and personality quirks onto the stars and planets above. Astrology, Jung suspected, is the psychology of the unconscious.

This is where I begin to take astrology more seriously.

If astrology is a symbolic tool then it may help us understand our individual and collective behavior – particularly when our actions make no rational sense.  I’m thinking here of war, suicide, strange moods and destructive mass movements.

Neptune is the ruling planet of Pisces and it’s been 165 years since it materialised in this constellation, symbolically speaking.  When a ruling planet returns home, its power gets amplified.

What To Watch

If you’ve read this far then you may like to ponder the following signs Neptune is at work:

  • Entirely new forms of art, music and literature emerge
  • Boundaries between people and countries dissolve or become less rigid
  • A huge spiritual renaissance occurs,  characterized by new forms of spirituality and the appearance of inspired spiritual teachers
  • An intense hunger for meaning and to experience the transcendent grips individuals and groups
  • People become increasingly compassionate, intuitive and sensitive
  • Poets and poetry return to prominence
  • On the darker side, you may notice a tendency toward  mass escapism,  delusion, addiction and fantasy

You don’t have to believe any of this.  Instead, I  suggest you  use your own eyes and ears to see for yourself whether the coming decade  brings a spiritual renaissance – and perhaps  a little magic.

If so, you will  have something wonderful to tell your grandchildren.

Author: Claire Bell
Claire Bell is the health and wellbeing editor of Midlifexpress. She is the author of Stone Age Secrets for Mind and Body and Comma Magic. Print and ebooks available on Amazon.

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