Sacred medicine for a deficient base chakra

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“Earth yourself by walking barefoot. A very healing and organic exchange of energy takes place when the souls of your feet touch grass, sand or soil.” xx Carole

I’m on a base chakra journey at the moment. You might be, too!

The base chakra is the foundation of all our chakras. Our stabilizing force.

Strengthen our base chakra and we “earth” our bodies, feeling grounded, centred, safe and supported.  We have cooled our worries, fears and doubts.

Strengthen our base chakra and we strengthen our foundation for manifesting and completing tasks. Anchoring our inspirations and ideas for physical reality and not just lofty notions.


Strengthen our base chakra and we trust in a slower flow of life. We become more patient and content with accepting what is. Our stress hormones decrease.

Strengthen our base chakra and we feel drawn to living more in tune with the natural rhythms and cycles of mother nature. It’s essential. We must!

Some simple ways we can energetically influence our base chakra are through food, colour, therapeutic breathing, the earth and mindful movements.  Here’s a few very do-able rituals to strengthen your base chakra.

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1. Eat root vegetables — especially beetroot

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you may recall a fabulous book called Chakra Food For Optimal Health by Dr. Deanna Minich. Here are a few snippets Dr.Minich shares about beetroot, grounding and our base chakra:

“If we do not eat red foods, we will be lacking the essential color vibration to keep our root chakra energy fine-tuned. By eating root vegetables we are transferring that grounding energy into ourselves.

 The single most important vegetable for grounding are beets (beetroots) as they are born within the earth and carry the colour vibration (red) necessary for grounding”

Base Chakra Mantra:  “Root vegetables ground me to the sacred earth” Deanna Minich Ph.D, C.N  

Rock star beetroot recipes

Here are a few recipes to get your beetroot groove on.  Beetroot chips from Cozy Kitchen.  Beetroot and blackcurrant muffins from The Wooden Spoon.  Beetroot and Carrot Patties by Mudita Health Clinic.

2. Red leg breathing

Draw excessively hot masculine energy from your head back down into your body with mindful breathing.

I channel a deeper breath into my belly and downwards abundantly into my legs. The more I fill the front, sides and back on my belly, the more I awaken and nourish my lower chakras. I feel more anchored, grounded and present (aka less spacey and more present!)

Combining breath with colour is a potent healing ritual. I’ve see its benefits time and time again at my retreats.  Many of us are deficient in red so it’s helpful to repeat the word red or see, feel or sense it as you inhale and breath the colour red downwards into your body.

If you feel drawn to exploring colour more you may like to check out  Meg Hill on Facebook. Meg is a Color Intuitive and I love her work.

3. Goddess squatting breath


Squatting directly opens your base chakra to ground. You’ll get a real sense of your base chakra and being close to the earth.

As you squat you may very well get a sense of how closed, tight or open and spacious your base chakra is.

In your mind’s eye, inhale up from the earth, drawing the breath in through your perineum, base chakra and resting it in the womb.

Exhale, releasing the breath out from your womb and back down through your perineum, base chakra and into the earth.

In addition, squatting helps to loosen the hips, encourages more energy flow into the legs, lengthens the  spine, and improves flexibility of the thighs and knees and ankles.

4. Mindful movements

Many of us have weak energy flow in the lower half of our body. We often sit a ridiculous amount of time and live excessively from our heads.

Mindful movements that involve your legs help correct blocked energy channels in the lower half of the body. More energy flowing downward into your legs means more energy flowing in your lower chakras — particularly the base.

Dance is great medicine, along with walking and cycling.

5. Earth yourself – walk barefoot

Let the soles of your feet touch the earth. Particularly the kidney 1 acupuncture point (ball of your foot) that connects you electrically to every nook and cranny in the body.

When walking barefoot there’s a transfer of free electrons from the Earth into your body. And these free electrons are now thought to be the most potent antioxidants known to man. Instantly, the nervous system will respond, triggering the relaxation response in your body. Inflammation in the body reduces. Your whole being benefits, not just your base chakra.

There’s oodles of great scientific research on walking barefoot, so if you’re interested click here and listen to a fascinating interview with Dr James Oschman by Dr. Mercola.

6. Vibrational support from mother nature

If you are wanting to bring the energy of the earth into your home boji stones are fabulous grounding crystals.  Pop under your pillow or carry with you. A fabulous addition to your meditation, stillness or restorative yoga practice is to hold the boji stone in your hand.

The essential oil vetiver is also incredibly calming and grounding. As I have three boys I burn or spray this essential oil most days in my home.  I personally find it helps enormously.

Further reading:

Your 7 energy centres by Dr. Christine Northrup
How to clear blocks in your chakras with movement by Dr. Deanna Minich
Chakra foods for optimum health by Dr. Deanna Minich

“To lose our connection with the body is to become spiritually homeless.  Without an anchor we float aimlessly, battered by the winds and waves of life”  Anodea Judith

This article originally appeared on Carole’s blog and appears on Midlifexpress with her kind permission.

Author: Carole Fogarty
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  1. I’m a great fan of beetroot chips. They are fantastic with a dip alongside an assortment of vegetable chips including carrot, sweet potato, beans and zucchini.

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