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An online detective service

I stumbled across a creepy site the other day. Not that the site has the deliberate intention of being creepy or sneaky but the very nature of its purpose makes it suspect.

Spokeo is the private detective of cyberspace. By typing in a name, like you would for yellow or white pages, it tracks down all traces of associated online activity. This includes any video, images, social media accounts, age, gender, bookmarks, hobby sites, phone numbers and just about anything and everything that can ever be stored via binary code. It is like having access to a personal secret service database.

I keyed in my name to gather what personal information was stored online and that’s what gave me the creeps. I could trace past activities spread across Internet time and space. It was a startling reminder that you are never truly anonymous in the cyber realm.

For premium service you have to pay but enough information is provided free to have you truly spooked.

Author: Sue Bell
Sue Bell is an entertainment writer and author of Backpacked: A mostly true story, Beat Street and When Dreamworks came to Stanley.

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