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The Midlife Crisis Myth

Reading Time: 3 minutes The midlife crisis stereotype appears to be just that: a stereotype.

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PHD or Website

Reading Time: 3 minutes How I started a PHD but got a Website Instead The genesis of Midlifexpress was a botched…

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Creative Books

Reading Time: < 1 minute Breaking Into Acting for Dummies by Larry Garrison and Wallace WangThe Draw 50 Way:  How To Draw Cats, Puppies,…

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Life Feels Different at Midlife

Reading Time: 2 minutes The phrase midlife woman can strike fear and denial into anyone moving into their mid to late 30’s. …

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Midlife: The Lowdown

Reading Time: 2 minutes Midlife is a time of great change.  Many women feel as if they are sitting atop a…

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The Daredevil

Reading Time: 2 minutes Goal: To gain strength, courage and self-knowledge through physical challenge. Commonly associated with: Mountain climber, Explorer, Skydiver, Rockclimber, Traveller…