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The five best Marvel movies for women

Reading Time: 4 minutes https://youtu.be/yIJvSdxCJoc Intitially the demographic for superhero movies were young men and boys. However, in recent years Marvel’s well-acted,…

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The Midlife Crisis Myth

Reading Time: 3 minutes The midlife crisis stereotype appears to be just that: a stereotype.

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Take Heart At Midlife

Reading Time: < 1 minute Sitting on a bench outside the Supermarket the other day, I was joined by a middle-aged fellow..

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Forward To The Future

Reading Time: < 1 minute Women can now give birth at 65 or even 70. There is talk of extending the life span to two hundred! So what is midlife, one hundred?

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Blogs as Alternative Websites

Reading Time: 3 minutes The internet these days is just full of blogs masquerading as websites.

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A Recipe for Midlife Delight

Reading Time: < 1 minute No! not a culinary delight, not something to weigh or measure.

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Tending Your Garden

Reading Time: 2 minutes There’s nothing quite as satisfying as messing about in the garden.

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Please be Unseated: Take a Stand and Live Longer

Reading Time: < 1 minute One of the more striking features of twenty-first century life is the amount of time we spend sitting