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Conscious agents versus spacetime theory

Reading Time: < 1 minute I don’t pretend to understand much, if anything, of Dr Donald Hoffman’s theory of conscious agents. Dr…

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Joe Rogan and the Universe

Reading Time: < 1 minute In the footsteps of Bill Hicks, George Carlin and more recently Russell Brand, comes comedian Joe Rogan. Joe…

door onto the universe
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You plus Universe = One

Reading Time: 2 minutes I can understand the addictive properties these things have.

time spiral
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Time for a sensible scientist

Reading Time: 2 minutes Fred Watson, the astronomer, was interviewed recently and amongst all the ‘gee-wizz’ comments about the Universe, its…

bumble bee
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Lance Armstrong – The Simple Answer is Best

Reading Time: 2 minutes What a load of fanciful, misleading and inaccurate science.

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Social Media Mood Calculator

Reading Time: < 1 minute Scientists have discovered what movie buffs have known for some time.