Take Heart At Midlife

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The Wonders of Science

Sitting on a bench outside the Supermarket the other day, I was joined by a healthy looking, middle-aged fellow.
“Nice day, mate,” he said
“Yes, looks like the rain missed us.”
We gazed skyward, studied the cloudless sky for a minute or two.
“We need it though,” he went on, My lawn’s dead.”
He gave me a quick glance.“How do I look?”
“You look good. Feel alright?”
“Never felt better.”
He paused, then went on “I’ve got someone else’s ticker.”
“You mean a heart transplant? “I was startled but tried to act casual.
“Yeah, my ticker packed up a year ago and they put this one in.”
“How does it feel to have someone else’s heart? ……I’ve never met anyone else that’s got one.” This sounded trite but my mind was racing.
“No different. I feel good. How do I look?” he repeated.
“You look great. I’d never have guessed if you hadn’t told me. Can you do most things?”
“Nothing I can’t do that you can.” he winked  “Amazing what they can do these days, isn’t it?”
Satisfied he had made an impression, he got up and turned to go.
I watched him move away. “Yes, indeed, I thought, and this is just the beginning.”

Article by Neville – a post midlife gent who likes to contemplate the future

Author: Sue Bell
Sue Bell is an entertainment writer and author of Backpacked: A mostly true story, Beat Street and When Dreamworks came to Stanley.

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