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Tending Your Garden

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pots and gardening equipmentThere’s nothing quite as satisfying as messing about in the garden. Where better to forget the worries of the world than out in the fresh air, sun shining, a little zephyr blowing through your hair and your mind focused on a need to sow and grow. Isn’t this what you’ve longed to have the time for once the pressures of life diminished and freed you to escape outdoors. Yes! You are the cultivator, the sower of seeds, and the reaper of harvests, all of which can be started in your own back yard.

Alright, you’ve never grown anything before or maybe your attempts failed and the myriad of seeds, so carefully planted, never saw the light of day. Well, that was the past, now you can really put your mind to the basics — there are plenty of books, TV shows and fertile gardeners to give you information and support — so size up the land and begin your plan of attack.

But maybe land is in short supply. The trampoline, though less used now still takes up space and there would be hell to pay if it disappeared overnight, and that Hills Hoist, more necessary than ever now a dryer isn’t an option, takes up a bit more space so maybe it has to be tubs and pots. A good way to start nevertheless; easy on the back, no bending, digging or excessive energy needed and success is pretty much guaranteed. Visiting friends and relatives takes on a new dimension as the mind moves to propagation.

A snip of this and that taken from here and there, popped into water until shoots appear then into a pot and hey presto! new life takes root (with a little help from nature of course) but without you it wouldn’t have happened. Arranged on a balcony or perched on a window ledge the creation of a display is your expression of the cultivator within. Now,of course, if space allows and you can be a bit more ambitious how about a touch of Japanese, some cherry trees, a Tea House….but I’m getting carried away. I can feel the urge to grab a spade and escape outdoors. How about it — care to come with me?

Author: Sue Bell
Sue Bell is an entertainment writer and author of Backpacked: A mostly true story, Beat Street and When Dreamworks came to Stanley.

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