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The great Tamiflu hoax

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Every year as winter approaches, we have scare stories in the media about how damaging influenza will be.

In summer, the same scare stories are all about the bushfire risk.

I suspect that Roche, the makers of Tamiflu, have some part in the scare-mongering. Tamiflu — and an injection made by CSL in Australia — are the only two treatments for flu symptoms.

People panic, think another pandemic is on the way (the last one was in 1919), and scramble for stocks of Tamiflu. Each year there’s a shortage, again probably encouraged by Roche, with more scare stories.

This suits all the greedy, selfish people obsessed with their own health. These people then visit different pharmacies, put their names on a list and wait for a call when Tamiflu becomes available. (I knew of some ego-maniacs who were on 20 lists.)

Doctors are quite happy to write prescriptions, not knowing or caring about Tamiflu’s availability.

A few years ago, the “dreaded” swine flu was about to break out. Swine-flu sounds really serious but it was only a very mild flu and the stocks of Tamiflu disappeared altogether. Millions of dollars were spent by the Government to buy up all the stocks so they could be used on parliamentarians, bankers, military (but only the top brass), big business, churchmen, and top athletes.

We the common people (even pharmacists) were never in the race. Tamiflu has a very short expiry date, so the millions of dollars paid to Roche (one of the best of the Big Pharma group), vanished quickly without saving one MP’s life.

Tamiflu hoax gets worse

The second part of the Tamiflu hoax confirms what we know of multi-national drug companies: their liking for half-truths, playing down drug side-effects, and concern for the bottom line.

The Cochrane report on Tamiflu was damning. The Cochrane reviews are the only reliable assessment of drugs. Medical associations all over the world simply accept all the information from drug companies, and unfavourable reviews never see the light of day.

The AMA here (and the BMA in Britain) never seriously question the slanted information from Big Pharma, but they do spend a lot of time at medical conferences in Vanuatu, the Maldives, Hawaii and the Swiss alps (oh yeah, I forgot Disneyland), all paid for by friendly drug dealers.

On a (slightly) positive note, The Cochrane review of Tamiflu said it may reduce the effects of flu by one day, but it has no bearing on the incidence of meningitis or pneumonia, and has quite a few side-effects including nausea, vomiting, headache, diarrhoea, gastric pain, with occasional outbursts of delirium and hallucinations.

Tamiflu useless and ineffective

In fact, the Cochrane review said Tamiflu was useless and ineffective.

Perhaps a parallel can be drawn here with the vaccine makers. The same big multi-national conglomerates are creating guilt in doctors and parents if they demur about vaccination.

It has got to the stage where the Australian Government could cut benefits and exclude unvaccinated children from crèches, kindergartens and schools.

The same old wonky statistics are distributed by vaccine makers in an effort to scare people. A few months ago, there was a measles outbreak in Disneyland. Doctors blamed migrant workers for the outbreak (very brave of them). No-one died, no-one developed meningitis or pneumonia, and in fact there have been no deaths from measles in the US for 12 years. But there have been 98 deaths from measles-vaccination and 648 vaccine-related disabilities in that time.

Modern vaccines have been great for TB, diphtheria, small pox and polio. However, vaccination against common childhood diseases (and HPV) could be playing havoc with our immune systems, where natural immunity conveyed after catching a disease lasts a lifetime. There are no vaccine-related disasters, but there is no money in it for Big Pharma.

Author: Robert Gosstray
Robert Gosstray is a retired pharmacist and the resident health writer for Midlifexpress. He is the author of The Pharmacist's Secrets: Drugs, lies and money.

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