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Take an unplanned day

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When nothing is flowing – do nothing! Your soul is craving space to be heard. Besides, going around in circles creates more going around in circles.

The answer (to whatever your question) may be as simple as taking an unplanned day. Who would have thought?

You’ll know, without a hint of hesitation, if an “unplanned day” is the perfect “reset button” you need right now.  Let go of all the “doing” and simply “be” for a while – without a purpose. Open your front door and go wherever your feet take you. One step at a time.

As your day unfolds allow yourself to be lost in the slowness of every moment.

And slowly but surely you’ll – release your tight grip on life – loosen any stuckness – call back your scattered energies – clear away the cob webs – drift gently back to your centre – refresh a repetitive mind – shift your mood and replenish your spirit.

Give your beautiful, busy life some much needed breathing space –  go forward and flow to wherever your intuitive guidance takes you.

Imagine the endless, joyful, unknown possibilities;  clues and guidance that may unfold before you. Magic is waiting.

Take an “unplanned” moment:

Ok, so the thought of an unplanned day is way too much.  Why not start with an ”unplanned” moment?

My recent unplanned moment was a beautiful open eyed meditation with a palm leaf. Perhaps 20 or 30 minutes in total. I allowed myself to soak into her essence.  And soon I discovered I had much to learn from a seemingly simple leaf that I had so often ignored.

Nature is incredibly wise and generous when we bring slowness to the moment. I learnt about trusting deeply, staying strong –  yet incredibly flexible – with each gust of wind. Worry and fear did not exist as I understood I could shine brightly always, never losing my colour. I left feeling patient, calm and complete. Bliss.

This article first appeared on Carole’s blog and appears on midlifexpress with her kind permission.

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