A holistic health system is the way forward

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The more Big Pharma’s drug researchers concentrate on changing every natural system in the human body, the more convinced I become of holistic medicine’s many benefits.

Ultimately, drug companies prey on our fear of growing old and tell us that, with a little help from them, we can stay healthy forever.

They have tampered with brain chemistry, gut chemistry, every endocrine organ in the body, blood-pressure, cholesterol, insulin resistance and heart and lung function. This is mostly to no avail, however, as not one system can be targeted on its own. Every cell in the body is affected, and this is why side-effects are so rampant. Each drug on the market  — which, by the way, is barely ahead of placebo — has side-effects ranging from not so good to absolutely catastrophic. The doctors, fearful of litigation or being de-registered by an incredibly conservative AMA, will change the brand or try something else rather than take their patients off a problematic medication.

Holistic healers are around, though, and they concentrate on exercise, sun exposure and healthy diets. They take steps to remove or minimise contaminants in food and in the air and treat the entire body, rather than bombarding individual organs with Big Pharma’s poisons.

Another threat to everyone’s health is the spread of “agronomics”–  mostly driven by Monsanto in America and Bayer in Germany.

Monsanto is producing  crops (maize, corn, soy, canola) which are genetically modified so that they are Round-up resistant. Litre upon litre of Round-up  (made by Monsanto, of course) is then sprayed on rather appealing weeds.

Once all the farmers are hooked, and instead of saving some seed for next year’s crop, they now  have to buy GMO seed (from Monsanto, of course). Monsanto and the American Grocery Association are now suing several US states that have tried to make it compulsory for GMO labelling to occur.

Crops drenched in Round-up  (Glyphosate plus dispersants and solvents) might account for the vast increase in neurological disorders, particularly in children (autism, ADHD), and many adult ailments.

The tame Monsanto scientists (similar to the scientists from the tobacco and alcohol industry) perpetuate the hoax that animals are unaffected by all this chemical bombardment. But this is untrue.

When plants grow, they rely on the Shimono process, and this is what Round-up targets in weeds. The Shimono process doesn’t exist in animals, but, and it’s a very big but, gut bacteria in animals is wiped out when they eat Round-up soaked plants.

Gut bacteria in humans are almost all beneficial, essential for health and, once again, should not be tampered with. Herbicides and pesticides change them markedly, as do antibiotics, treatments for diarrhoea and constipation, and now some of the u/bute treatments for excess acid secretion.

Similar to the alterations in brain chemistry caused by drugs used to treat depression, anxiety, psychosis, doctors don’t seem to know why or how these drugs work. And so, we come back to a holistic approach, where humans (idiosyncratic and individual) are treated as a whole.

Author: Robert Gosstray
Robert Gosstray is a retired pharmacist and the resident health writer for Midlifexpress. He is the author of The Pharmacist's Secrets: Drugs, lies and money.

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