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Kay’s journey with Young Living Essential Oils

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Kay Hamilton

Kay Hamilton is speaking to a travel agent on her mobile. She asks what time her flight arrives in Salt Lake City and the length of the Texas stopover.

Recently, Kay returned from a Mediterranean cruise where she attended a leadership and networking meeting. Now she’s going to the US to visit a farm and continue with the networking and leadership meetings.

But if you’d told Kay a few years ago that she would be travelling frequently abroad, I doubt she’d have believed it.

About five years ago, Kay was searching for a new direction in life. Her daughters, who she raised on her own, had grown up and left home and her job as a full time teacher was demanding and stressful.

“I didn’t want to live on the pension when I retired,” she says.

Kay has studied Kinesiology, is a Reiki Master, color therapist and energy reader and wanted an alternative form of income that aligned with her sustainable philosophy and lifestyle.

She discovered Young Living Essential Oils and was impressed by their variety, purity and therapeutic benefits.  Kay’s energy increased, she felt more emotionally stable and her sleep improved.

Before long, Kay was sharing the oils with friends and became a Young Living distributor. Demand for the products continued to grow and she added people to her network. Her hard work was rewarded as the team grew and she is now a Silver Leader managing over a 180 people on the Tasmanian North West Coast.

Young Living has leadership strands including distributor, star, senior star, executive, silver, gold, platinum, diamond, crown and royal crown diamond. The organisation has given her a new direction in life and the potential for running a small business. “I didn’t want to live on the pension when I retired,” she says.

She spends 16 hours a week on social media, leadership meetings and attending gatherings to promote the product. Young Living allocates points to their distributors and rewards them with holidays and the opportunity to meet founder Gary Young and his family and visit the organic farms where the plant oils are grown.

essential oils

Essential Oil Kits

A starter kit is $45.00 and when an Everyday Oil collection is purchased for $205 wholesale, the starter kit becomes complimentary.

Kay opens a small bottle called Thieves and its aroma reminds me of Chai. The essential oils upon which Thieves is based were used in Venice during the bubonic plague and Venetians inhaled them as a means to ward off disease.

Money in the hands of good people can do good things.

The oils have helped relieve her physical aches and pains and kept her hormones balanced. She feels more positive and healthier than she has ever felt in her life.

Her future plans include reaching the top level of leadership to become a Royal Crown Diamond in Australia. Then she can leave teaching and devote her time to Young Living.

She hopes to build a good income so that she can contribute back to the community and encourage women to create a small business. She believes that money in the hands of good people can do good things.

Her philanthropic philosophy — combined with her passion and success as a salesperson — has opened her to a new life where she meets plenty of people and feels a wealth of creative energy.

Kay has no set idea of what her future holds,  but I’m sure it will involve lots of overseas travel.

Kay Hamilton’s Young Living page

Contact Kay:
hamaelle [at] gmail [dot] com

Author: Sue Bell
Sue Bell is an entertainment writer and author of Backpacked: A mostly true story, Beat Street and When Dreamworks came to Stanley.

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